Saint Patrick’s Day Necklace

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Saint Patrick’s Day is March 17. In Irish mythology, a pot of gold is hidden at the end of a rainbow by a small member of the fairy family called the leprechaun. This is an easy rainbow colored necklace to make with the kids with a pot of gold at the center of the homemade project.

You Will Need:

Rainbow Colored and Black Construction Paper
Glue Dotsor Stapler

What to Do:

1. Double the paper several times until you have folded it into the width you want for your paper chain. Unfold the paper and cut along the folds to make thin paper strips.

2. Cut out a pot from black paper and gold from yellow paper. Glue the yellow gold to the black pot.

3. Make the first link by using a glue dot or staple the far ends of one paper strip together making a ring. Try to match up the sides evenly.

4. Once you have one sturdy ring, thread another strip of paper through the center of the loop. Join the ends of this second strip together with a glue dot or stapler. The loops should sit at a rough 90 degree angle -– like a chain. Keep adding links until necklace is length you want.

5. Attach the pot of gold to the necklace. It was tricky getting pot of gold to sit properly so we stapled it to the chain and then glued another piece of black paper over the pot to hide the staple.


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