Valentine’s Day Puzzle

img_5077Valentine’s Day Project

Kids love Valentine’s Day, puzzles, and learning to count. Combine the love of the holiday and learning with this super easy project.

You Will Need:

Craft sticks
Duct tape
Red and black markers
Heart cookie cutter
Straight edge

What to Do:

  1. Line up 10 popsicle sticks with a ruler or straight edge.
  2. Apply duct tape to help popsicle sticks stay lined up while drawing on the sticks.
  3. Flip the sticks over and place a heart cookie cutter on the sticks and trace with a red marker. Fill in the heart with the red marker.
  4. Number the bottom of the popsicle sticks 1 through 10 with the black marker.
  5. Remove duct tape and allow kids to put puzzle back together.

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