Firework Rings

Fourth of July Craft

I’m not sure where I first saw this simple Fourth of July craft but I have been making it for years with my nanny kids. Any aged child — from preschool to teen — can make these easy, inexpensive rings in just a few minutes. 

Experiment cutting the pipe cleaners in different sizes and feel free to use more or less pipe cleaners than we did per ring. Let the kids choose different color patterns. Allow the kids to shape the ends of the pipe cleaners if the wish. Different children will like different sized and shapes rings. Let them be creative.

You Will Need:

1. Sparkly Red, White, or Blue Pipe Cleaners
2. Safety Scissors

What to Do:

1. Cut 3 pipe cleaners in half (experiment with different sizes for different kids).

2. Fold five of the cut pipe cleaners in half (try using different amounts of pipe cleaners according to each child’s preference).

3. Use the 6th pipe cleaner to wrap around the bent pipe cleaners to hold them in place. Then, shape the 6th stem into the shape of a ring.

4. Allow thr kids to shape the pipe cleaners into any shape the prefer. We kept ours straight but you can twist them around a pencil or bend them if the kids think that looks more like fireworks to them.

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