Flower Mother’s Day Card

Help Kids Make Gift

I saw the cutest video How to Make a Rose Love Letter by Nailed It that inspired me to help my nanny kids make for their Mother and Grandmothers for Mother’s Day. The cards look like hearts at first. But after removing the paper clip bee the card opens into a flower.

I recommend watching the video below to see how to fold and cut the flower. But I don’t recommend making the cards in the same order as the video. For example, I think kids should write their message on the flower prior to pasting it to the wooden stick because my nanny kid had difficulty writing on the bumpy flower.

Click here to see the video.

After making three flowers this week, here is how we recommend making the card.

You Will Need:

Colorful Card Stock Paper
Yellow Card Stock Paper
Green Paper for Leaves
Various Colored Paper for a Bee, Butterfly or Lady Bug
Wooden Skewers
Paper Clips
Heavy Book

What to Do:

1. Watch the video above to see how to fold the flower petal paper, draw a heart, and cut out the card. Repeat by making a smaller yellow flower.

2. Flatten the yellow insert on the table and let the child write her message on the yellow paper.

3. Paste just the center of the yellow paper with the message inside the bigger flower. Make sure the folds line up on both pieces of paper so you can fold them together. Fold it up into a heart and put a book or something heavy on it and allow it to dry.

4. Cut off the sharp tips of wooden skewers. Tape the folded heart to wooden skewer. Our flowers are so big and heavy we used packing tape.

5. Cut out leaves on green paper and paste to the wooden skewer as seen in the video above and allow to dry.

6. Let the kids decorate a little bee, butterfly, or lady bug. Glue to a paper clip and let dry.

7. Attached the paper clip bug to the folded heart so it doesn’t open until the child’s Mother or Grandmother wants to open the card.


Photos by Stephanie Felzenberg
Video and idea by Nailed It

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