Putting Volunteer Work on Your Nanny Resume

When you are looking for a new nanny job, a great resume helps you to stand out from other job candidates. Showing that you are an involved citizen and want to make your community a better place by volunteering should be included on your resume.

If you are a student seeking your first nanny job, being able to show volunteer work on your resume demonstrates that you are an involved citizen outside of the classroom.

If you are returning to the paid workforce after some time away, volunteer activities prove you kept yourself sharp and involved.

If you are changing career fields, volunteering with children shows prospective employers you are passionate about working with kids, even if your paid employment history is in another career field.

List the highlights of your volunteer work to show your interests outside of your employment history on your resume.

Consider integrating your volunteer work into the section of your resume called “Work Experience” even if you were not paid. For example, if you did tutoring, use the title “Tutor” rather than “Volunteer” on your resume. 

Next, describe volunteer work by highlighting your skills and achievements. For example, did you raise money? Did you work with children? Be honest and don’t exaggerate. But be sure to give yourself the credit you deserve.

Since the purpose of a resume is to get you an interview, think how interesting your face-to-face conversation will be when you can discuss all the community activities you volunteered for, even though you weren’t paid.

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