Best Perks of Working as a Nanny

Nanny Confessions

Beyond being paid an hourly rate and provided standard benefits, there are a lot of great perks that nanny jobs provide. I confess, the added perks can save me a ton of money. Here are just a few:

A great way for nannies to save money is eating meals with the children while working. Nannies typically share the food they make for the children at meal times or are welcome to have left overs. Although some nannies bring their own lunch to work, employers should always pay for their caregiver’s meals when they take the kids out to eat.

Parents pay for their kids and nannies to attend to museums, zoo, gym, even Costco.

Although nannies are working while traveling with their Nanny Families it is a great opportunity to for them to visit locations they would not have been able to afford on their own. Employers pay for all travel costs and lodging. Nannies should discuss their travel rate and hours to ensure they get plenty of time-off to site see and explore the travel location.

Professional Development
Nannies should ask to be partially or entirely reimbursed for professional development by attending nanny conferences or taking college courses.

Live-Ins Save on Expenses
Live-in nannies are typically provided all the perks listed above but also have room and board expenses covered by their employers. Live-in nannies save a lot of money since the don’t have to pay for rent, utilities, laundry, cable, wifi, and often a car is leased and provided for the live-in caregiver to use.

What are your favorite perks of your nanny job?

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