Hands-Free Baby Bottles

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Baby bottles are one of the most essential baby items nannies need when caring for babies.

I’ve seen a few Hands-Free Baby Bottles on the market promoting a way to safely feed babies in the car seat while their caregiver is driving, or while pushing a stroller, or simply need an extra pair of hands to get things done.

The tubing draws the liquid from the bottom of the bottle which limits the baby’s air intake. When a baby sucks on the nipple, the fluid goes up the tubing and in to their mouth, allowing for completely hands-free feeding.

Never use a hands-free baby bottle until a baby is able to sit in an upright or semi-upright position to reduce colic, reflux, and ear infections.

But, I’ve always been taught that it’s best to give babies our undivided attention when feeding them. And there is a slew of evidence about the dangers of propped bottles.

Propping bottles can lead to chocking. It can also lead to tooth decay when the milk stays pooled around the teeth when the bottle remains in the baby’s mouth after they fall asleep. Propping bottles also deprives the infant of important bonding time with their caregiver.

What do you think? Are hands-free baby bottles helpful or hype?

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