Hush Baby Noise Reduction Hats

Helpful or Hype?

Do you care for a baby that is sensitive to noise? If you have to tip toe through the house, pray the phone doesn’t ring, or hang notes for people not to ring the doorbell during nap time, the HUSH Hat Sound Absorbing Baby Hat will be your savior.

It is also great for running errands, going to restaurants, sporting events, fireworks, plane rides, the mall or any outing that might wake a sensitive baby up.

The HUSH Hat was designed to comfortably protect a baby’s sensitive hearing, softening sounds that constantly wake sleeping babies. Rather than completely blocking out all noise, the HUSH Hat intelligently filters noise levels that are dangerous to your little one’s developing ears with its patent-pending design.

But, many nannies and parents believe that you shouldn’t try to be quiet when a child sleeps. Instead, they recommend running the vacuum and talking loudly when newborns sleep so they get used to sleeping through everyday noise.

What do you think? Do you think HUSH Hat Sound Absorbing Baby Hats are helpful or hype?

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