Pasta Butterfly Mother’s Day Cards

Everyone loves a beautiful butterfly and a sentimental poem. Just in time for Mother’s Day we made these simple and crafty butterflies out of pasta and paired them with a poem to make cards for my charge’s mother and grandmothers. If sending a card through the mail be sure to send in a bubble wrap envelope to protect the fragile pasta butterflies. Here’s how to make Pasta Butterfly Mother’s Day Cards:

You Will Need:

Bow Tie Pasta
Colorful Paint
Paint Brushes
Card Stock Paper
Rubber Cement or White Glue

What to Do:

1. Protect the work space.
2. Spread out bowtie pasta on workspace and allow the kids to paint the pastas on one side. This is very messy but don’t have to do a perfect job. Allow the pasta to dry.
3. Fold the card stock in half and then half again to make a card.
4. Write the butterfly mother poem below on the inside of the card.
5. Allow the kids to arrange their pasta butterflies on the cover of card. Put on big dollops of glue on the card prior to attaching the butterflies.
6. Once dry, use a marker to draw atennas on the butterflies.
7. Have kids sign their names inside the card.

Poem for Inside Card:

Like a butterfly emerges
And unfolds its graceful wings.
A child grows and develops
With the love a mother brings.

Photos and idea by Stephanie Felzenberg
Poem by Robin Fogle

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