What Do Parents See When They Google Your Name?

Improving Your Internet Identity

Whenever you brag, flirt, gossip, trash talk, and share articles on the Internet you are creating a public online identity. And one of the first things most parents do when they receive your resume is Google your name and see what you have said, liked, and posted online.

Regularly type your name into a Google search to see what potential employers will learn about you online.

When you Google your name do you see any of these things potential and current employers don’t want to find about you?

    • Sexually suggestive photos of yourself in a bathing suit or lingerie or information about what you do in the bedroom?
    • Photos of yourself partying or boasting about partying?
    • Criticisms of former jobs or employers?
    • Nasty comments you have made about politicians, celebrities, or former employers you hate?
    • Aggressive comments on blogs or under articles that flame or bully others?
    • Revelations about past criminal behavior?

              If you find comments or images of yourself that gives you a less than professional image to potential employers immediately remove anything you can delete. Replace photos with more professional images. Always be kind when commenting on blogs, social media, and when responding to articles.

              Unfortunately, you cannot delete most of what you find on the Internet. But, you can create more positive content. Change your posting and commenting habits immediately and post only professional and positive images and comments. You can create a personal nanny resume web site with your name as the domain name. Click here to see how to make your own nanny resume web site. Or start a free blog on WordPress.com or Blogspot.com.

              To improve your online identity stop posting the following on the Internet or on social media:

                • Issues you have with your job or complaints about your boss.
                • Seductive photos, images of partying, or what you do in the bedroom.
                • Views on race, religion, or politics.
                • Don’t link personal sites to professional business sites like LinkedIn.
                • Information about court dates or legal issues.
                • Photos or any information about any child that isn’t your own child.

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