What Nannies Should Not Talk About at Work

7236f-dontcrossthelineRespecting Professional Boundaries for Nannies

Kids say the darnedest things, but sometimes their nannies do too! And sometimes nannies say the most unbecoming things at the most inappropriate times.

On the weekend when socializing at a bar it’s fine for my nanny friends to confide in me about their love lives, how much they love to party, or why they hate their jobs. But, while caring for kids it makes me, and my employers, most uncomfortable to hear other nannies complain about the parents they work for or when they make offensive jokes or comments. Work is just not the place to discuss certain topics.

Although it can be tricky to curb conversations in a typically relaxed and informal nanny work environment, here is my list of topics nannies should steer clear of while working.

What Nannies Should Not Talk About at Work

1. How Much You Hate Your Job

Be assertive and speak respectfully with your employers about job issues that come up rather then vent to others. It will devastate the kids when they hear you hate your job. If your employers hear that you hate your job they will likely start looking for your replacement — a new nanny that would love the job.

2. Complain About the Parents

It is awful to let kids overhear anyone say nasty stuff about their parents. Nannies are paid to not only provide quality care for the children but to encourage the bond of the entire family unit. Don’t hurt a child by allowing them to overhear any negative comments about any of their family members — the most important people in their lives. Plus, if your employers get wind of your complaints, you won’t likely have a job left to complain about.

3. Offensive Jokes

Keep conversations and jokes family-friendly when caring for children and working in other people’s homes.

4. Politics and Religion

Keep all conversations about politics and religion neutral. Teaching children objective information about democracy, the political process, and other cultures and religions is great! But to unintentionally teach bias and hate is not. Travis Bradberry for Forbes magazine explains, “Confronting someone’s core values is one of the most insulting things you can do.” You won’t likely change their minds. You will likely insult them.

5. What You Do in the Bedroom

Don’t talk about sex in front of kids.

6. How Much Partying You Do

You may think that what you do on your time-off is none of your employer’s business — so don’t make it any of their business. If you talk about all the partying you do, the parents may see you as lacking in good judgment.


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