Frankenfoot a Footprint Frankenstein

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Thanks to Heather Marinkovic, formerly a hard-working nanny and now a devoted mother, we have shared quite a few footprint crafts with our readers this year. For Halloween, she made this adorable footprint Frankenstein with her son. Here are her simple directions to do the craft with the kids in your care.

You Will Need:

Washable Green and Black Paint

Heavyweight White Paper

2 Paper Plates

Black Sharpie Marker

Googly Eyes


Cotton Swabs

Wet Wipes and Paper Towels (for clean up)

Green Marker, Green Ribbon, Hole Punch (optional)

What to Do:

1. Put green paint onto a paper plate. Place the child’s foot into the paint and placed the print on the paper. Use wet wipes and paper towels out to clean up the paint.

2. Let the prints dry.

3. Allow the children to glue googly eyes on the Frankenstein.

4. Put black paint on a paper plate and using their fingers or a cotton swab, paint Frankenstein’s hair by putting the black paint on each toe. Use the marker to add a stitch mark, mouth, and bolts on the Frankenstein.

5. Use a green marker to write a Halloween message if you choose. Use a hole punch to make two holes at the top of the card to string green ribbon through and tie a bow if you choose.


Craft and photo by Heather Marinkovic

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