Just Don’t Buy it if the Kids Aren’t Allowed to Eat it

Nanny Confessions

We all know that we should limit the amount of sugar and fats we eat. That is why nannies and parents strive to feed children nutritious snacks and meals.

At most of my nanny jobs the parents ask that I not ever serve the children desserts or sugary snacks and to save that for the parents to share with their kids on their time.

So, when the Mom or Dad I work for buy a box of Lucky Charms or brownies it just makes my life harder. If the sugary, fat laden foods are in the house the kids beg for them and constantly try to sneak samples without my noticing.

Today, I confess, I would prefer the parents just keep banned desserts out of the house. I urge parents to not buy the food I am not allowed to serve the children. It would make all of our lives a lot easier.


  1. I couldn’t agree more!
    It is the same with tv and games, not to mention all this different schedule and lack of rules when kids are with parents. kids can’t have desserts nor electronics while with me, and pantry is full of those things.
    I don’t mind being the bad guy, but I don’t think those restrictions are teaching kids anything if parents are not following through as well.

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