How to Teach Kids to Tie Their Shoes

Easy Tie Shoelaces

Easy Tie Shoelaces are an innovative new product that help children learn to tie by replacing their regular laces with special dual colored laces. They come in 9 vibrant colors so that children can pick their favorite color.

Created by a teacher, designed by an engineer, Easy Tie Shoelaces  may look ordinary but they are the most advanced shoelaces on the market and your child’s best bet when it comes to tying their shoes.

Easy Tie Shoelaces work by removing the two biggest obstacles in shoe tying, lace confusion and floppy laces. Dual colors and textures aid in lace identification and the design of the lace holds its shape and allows early tiers time to tie. In addition, Easy Tie Shoelaces are designed in a way that guarantees that they will always stay even in length.

Although color is important, texture can be the key for some children. Both of the striped laces (Pink and White and Black and Grey) have a courser texture to them. Select one of these laces with any other solid colored lace to provide unique visual and sensory feedback.

See this quick video on how to teach kids to tie their shoes.

Click here for songs to help teach kids to tie their shoes.

Buy Easy Tie shoelaces by clicking link below:

Easy Tie Shoelaces

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