Making A Tissue Paper Valentine’s Bouquet

Doing Arts n’ Crafts with Kids

Kids love Valentine’s Day and it doesn’t have to cost a lot to celebrate the holiday with the kids. Use tissue paper to make a lovely bouquet to decorate the house with the kids or to give as gifts to their family.

As a cognitive activity, make a group of just white flowers and then a group of just colorful flowers and note how the white flowers look nice but not colorful — a little boring. Add the colored flowers to the white flowers together to see how beautiful the bouquet is after combining colors. Compare the two different bouquets with people. What a boring world this would be if all people only had one color of skin, hair, and eyes. Instead, we are lucky to live in an interesting and beautiful world filled with people of all different races.

You Will Need:

1. Several sheets of approximately 7-inch by 10-inch white and colored tissue paper (We used red, hot pink, light pink, and white for Valentine’s Day colors)

2.Chenille stems (We used pink and green)
  What to Do:
1. Stack eight sheets of white tissue paper and fold like a fan. The folds should be about one-inch.
2. Tightly twist a chenille stem around the center of the folded tissue paper. (We twisted some of the stems with both pink and green chenille stems)
3. Gently separate the sheets, pulling each end towards the center.
4. Repeat the steps above to make more white flowers and more flowers of different colors.

Photos by Stephanie Felzenberg

Educrafts, Prek-2

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