Children’s Books About Martin Luther King Jr.

Weekly Trip to the Library On Monday Americans honor the great civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a day of service. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a United States holiday marking the birth date of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., observed on the third Monday of January each year, around […]

Easy Chicken Shepherd’s Pie

Cooking With Kids Typically I make Shepherd’s Pie whenever I have leftovers and add ground beef. But this week I had extra chicken so made the dish with chicken instead. This is one of those dishes that you just throw things in a pot and hope for the best. Use what you have and be […]

Puffy Paint Recipe

Getting Creative with Kids There is something magical about the three-dimensional appearance of Puffy Paint. Puffy paint is easy to make and you can simply find the ingredients already at home. Allow the kids to use the Puff Paint recipes as finger paint as well — although I don’t like adding color to the puffy […]

Children’s Birthdays Remind Me that I’m a Year Closer to Having to Find a New Job

Nanny Confessions I confess, I am sad that my youngest charge has another birthday coming up. Although I am thrilled to see her developing into a confident, curious, intelligent, social, and happy little girl — every time she has a birthday it reminds me that I am one year closer to having to find a […]

Nannies: Do You Eat the Family’s Food When Working?

Respecting Professional Nanny Boundaries While working, nannies are typically invited to eat meals with the children in their care. This includes a slice of pizza when out with friends, food they prepare for the kids in the home, and leftovers in the fridge. But, each family has a different budget and different customs. In-home child […]

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff

Book Reviews by Kids for Kids Book Review by Jordan, 8-Years-Old If you were a mouse and you had a glass of milk what would you want with it? In this story a mouse wants everything and he is never satisfied. The characters of this story are a mouse and a boy. They live in […]

Do the Kids You Care for Wear Nail Polish?

mom’s thumb Nail Polish May Be Harmful to Kids Who Suck Their Thumbs The three-year-old I care for often asks to have nail polish applied to her fingers like many of her friends that are the same age. But, my Mom Boss doesn’t want me to apply nail polish to her fingers because she still sucks her […]

Making Paninis

Cooking with Kids There’s no reason kids should only eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. Step it up a notch and take a few extra minutes to make them warm paninis this winter. The warm grilled sandwich combinations are almost limitless. And you don’t have to only use ordinary, boring white or wheat […]

Don’t Compare Your Bonus, Raise, or Salary to Other Nannies

Nanny Confessions I confess, I am tired of hearing nannies complain about getting a smaller holiday bonus than their other nanny friends. If you feel upset that you make less, haven’t had a raise, or had a smaller bonus than other nannies I urge you to stop comparing your job and salary to other nannies. Raises […]

Teaching Kids to Give and Accept Compliments

Teaching Kids Good Manners Professional nannies know how important it is to provide quality care to children. What compares a stellar nanny to a mere babysitter is that professional in-home childcare providers help the children in their care develop a good character, good manners, a positive outlook on life, good self-esteem, and a love of […]