Num Num Baby Dips: Promoting Self-Feeding

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The Training Wheels of the Utensil World

The first dipper of its kind, Num Num Baby Dips is a baby’s first step to self-feeding. Num Num Baby Dips helps promote self-feeding without the mess. The innovative design makes it easier to use than a spoon because there’s no right or wrong way to hold it. That means less mess for parents and nannies while the baby develops the fine motor skills necessary to graduate to the spoon.

The inventors of Num Num Baby Dips say, “The story of Num Num Baby Dips begins over breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. Mess after mess as our son, Conor, was learning to self-feed with a spoon. Every meal, more food ended up ON our son than IN him! There has to be a better way, we thought. We set out to find it.

Surprisingly, we didn’t find a great solution. What we did find is that most companies have focused their attention on the spoon. They have twisted it, contorted it, and mangled it, all in an effort to diminish the mess. We felt there had to be a simpler solution. Where are the training wheels of the utensil world, we wondered? We looked, there weren’t any. Until now.

With the help of design professionals, we developed several prototypes and began the process of testing, tweaking and testing again. Eventually, we settled on the two designs that were most popular and effective.

We consider Conor a co-inventor of the Num Num Baby Dips. After all, he did all the dirty work of testing prototypes. And he’s the reason we went looking for a solution in the first place. We hope your child loves the Num Num Baby Dips as much as ours has. And we hope it makes mealtime a little easier on you.”

You can purchase your own Num Num Baby Dips by clicking any of the links above or below:

Num Num Baby Dips

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