Ingenious or Crazy? The Bebe Bottle Sling

Product Review Sunday

As a nanny that has cared for countless infants I thought the Bebe Bottle Sling was an ingenius product for anyone that has wished they had an extra pair of hands while caring for infants.

The Bebe Bottle Sling is designed to hang from any infant car seat handle while holding the baby bottle at the correct position for hands free bottle feeding.

The suspended design enables the baby to release the nipple as they would a pacifier. In addition, the infant car seat provides a semi-upright feeding position recommended by doctors.

But many nannies and pediatricians don’t recommend propping a bottle in a baby’s mouth. A propped bottle could force a child to overeat or even cause him to choke. If the baby falls asleep with the bottle in his mouth, the formula or breast milk can pool around his teeth and lead to tooth decay.

We also don’t want to deprive babies from snuggling and bonding during feeding. Holding and cuddling a baby during feedings gives him a sense of safety and security and helps promote bonding.

What do you think: ingenius or crazy?

Purchase your own Bebe Bottle Sling by clicking the links above or below:

Baby Bottle Holder for Hands Free Bottle Feeding by Bebe Bottle Sling, LLC


Hands-Free Baby Bottle Holders for Twins (Monkey and Kitten)



Bottle Sling Color/Pattern: Blue Puppy

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