Pomander Balls Make Great Homemade Gifts

Christmas Scents

A pomander is a lime, lemon, or orange covered with whole cloves. Pomanders can be given as gifts to be used year-round in closets and drawers or displayed in a bowl. They can also be hung on a tree or included in potpourri. In the traditional pomander, cloves are placed so close to one another that the heads touch and the whole fruit is covered. We chose to make designs on our pomanders pictured. We discovered how to make these homemade gifts in 365 Ways to Prepare for Christmas.

You Will Need:

Oranges, Lemons, or Limesbbb
Whole Cloves
Ribbon (optional)
Orris Root (optional)
Paper Bag (optional)

What to Do:

1. Stick a pushpin into the fruit, remove and insert a clove.

2. If you want the pomanders to stay fragrant for years place them in a paper page containing powdered Orris Root, seal the bag, and shake. Store the bag in a warm dark spot for three-weeks.

3. Tie a velvet, lace, or gold ribbon around the pomanders for hanging. We simply used strong ribbon.


365 Ways to Prepare for Christmas

Photos by Stephanie Felzenberg

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