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What is Your Favorite Nanny Blog?

I hope you enjoy visiting How to Be the Best Nanny Blog regularly. We aren’t the only nanny blog available. There are tons of resources for nannies online but it’s really hard to find blogs specifically written for nannies that post regularly. If a blog hasn’t posted at least one article or idea in the past two-months I’ve decided to skip over them and not list them today. Here are my favorite resources and blogs for nannies and a couple of promising resources just starting out.

Regarding Nannies

Regarding Nannies was created by some of the most well-known, influential, veteran, professional nannies in America. Regarding Nannies provides resources to all levels of nannies with the hopes of helping them develop a strong, professional nanny foundation. Not only do they post articles and ideas from nannies, they interview nanny industry experts, and provide advertising for businesses on their blog.

In 1993 Kathleen Webb co-founded HomeWork Solutions and they have been an authority on all nanny issues for 20-years. The company’s blog at addresses nanny payroll and tax issues and provides readers with updates and tips that affect nannies and those who employ them.

Sittercity’s Compendium

I love the compendium on the sittercity site. At this link nannies and sitters share their own kid-friendly activities and projects.

Nanny Reviews

A parent, Nate Pepco, wanted to create a free online support system for parents, nannies, and caregivers across the country to connect and swap recommendations. Granted the blog lists a lot of links simply found on Google News Alerts, but the site looks amazing and has tons to see if you skip around and see what they have posted.

Nanny Trainings

With 25-years nanny experience Kellie Geres developed this site to help nannies and other domestic employees of all levels find education and training at one concise spot.

New Upcoming Blogs and Resources for Nannies

Nanny Magazine

Jennifer Kuhn and Whitney Tang (Whitney is a columnist for our Be the Best Nanny Blog) will start publishing Nanny Magazine in January 2014. Nanny Magazine plans to provide crafts, recipes, surveys, advice, and support for readers. They already have content available online and I can’t wait to see the first issue in January 2014.

West Coast Nanny

The author of this new blog asked that I share the blog. I look forward to seeing her start posting articles shortly.

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