The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

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Review by Max R. 10-Years-Old

Have you ever wondered if dragons, dwarves, and elves exist? Then The Hobbit is the book for you. In The Hobbit there is a world under our world called Middle Earth where goblins, elves, dwarves, and even some humans live. But there are also small, hairy fellows called hobbits. Hobbits don’t wear shoes because they grow leathery soles on the bottoms of their feet. Hobbits are very calm and don’t do unexpected things.

A particular hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, wanted to be left alone. He was happy just where he was. But, when Gandalf, a wizard, shows up at Bilbo’s house with a bunch of dwarves, it starts to change the hobbit’s way of life. Bilbo is the first hobbit to go on an adventure to seek the dwarves’ long lost treasure.

On this quest Bilbo and the others spend days and nights trekking by horseback. On their quest they encounter ogres, and Golem, a scary monster-like creature whom Bilbo gets, or rather steals, the “One Ring” from. They also talk with elves, are followed by the dreaded Nazguls, and work together to fight the terrible dragon Smaug.

The moral of this book is, trust in your teammates and work together. That way, all will turn out fine. I enjoyed this book very much. My favorite part of the book is when the dwarves keep on showing up at Bilbo’s house. I also like how Bilbo changes in the story from not wanting to do anything and being gcranky, to loving adventures and being happy.

I would recommend this book to Harry Potter readers and those who like magic and adventures. I can’t wait to see the movie version of The Hobbit.

You can buy your own copy of the book or movie by clicking the links above or below:

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (plus bonus features)




The Hobbit





The Hobbit; or, There and Back Again






The Hobbit

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