I Want an Affectionate Nanny Above all Else

Parent Confessions: I Don’t Want a Strict, Mean or Demanding Nanny

I am a parent and I confess above all else I want my kids to be happy. I want them to truly live a life of peace, love, and joy. To help me achieve this I want to hire a nanny that is kind above all other moral characteristics. When choosing a nanny, I confess, I want someone that is warm and affectionate, not strict and demanding.

Of course when choosing a nanny for my kids I want someone who can do more than just feed, bathe, dress, and keep my kids safe. I want to hire a nanny with experience, that is responsible, and is CPR/First Aid certified. I want someone who respects my home and our belongings. I want to hire a caregiver that respects my child rearing decisions about potty training, when to wean off bottles, and bedtime routines. Since kids learn by example I look for a caregiver that is respectful and well mannered.

I also want to hire a nanny that makes caring for my kids more important than anything else while she is working. I don’t want her being disturbed by calls from friends on her cell phone or preoccupied with texts.

But, above everything listed the most important character is that my nanny just be nice to my kids. I don’t want my nanny seen scolding my kids in public. I want my childcare provider to be gentle and nice even when kids have temper tantrums. I need my nanny to have patience with my kids even when they whine. I want my kids to be carefree and have a lot of joy.

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