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Wednesdays with Whitney

It’s National Nanny Recognition Week (NNRW)! Some recognize the week by a celebration dessert, others by a day at the spa. I think it’s important though to use NNRW to celebrate with your charges all the reasons you love being not only a nanny, but THEIR nanny! That’s exactly what this message board will encourage you to do day in and day out months after NNRW is long past!


Sharpie marker
Photo frame
Dry erase marker


1. Take a piece of paper and write “I love being YOUR nanny because…” on it. You can type this up instead if you prefer!

2. Frame the paper.

3. Use your dry erase marker to tell the kids why in fact you DO love being their nanny! Best part is you can change it every day and remind even yourself of why you love what you do. And don’t be surprised when you see little messages  from the kids about why they love HAVING you as a nanny.

4. Make the message board even more personal by decorating the paper with something you and the kids love doing together! Love painting? Paint the paper before you write the message. Love reading? Use an old book page as your base sheet. Love playing sports? Decorate the paper with stickers with baseballs and basketballs!

Don’t forget to stop by next Wednesday for a fun project by Whitney Tang and to check out Nanny Magazine. Click here to take a Nanny Magazine survey for nannies.

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