For National Nanny Recognition Week: A Sincere Compliment is All a Nanny Needs

aaaTake Pride Being the Most Important Person the Parents Ever Hired

There is no greater honor than being given the trust and responsibility of caring for someone else’s children. Nannies not only make it possible for parents to work and enhance their financial security and career, they are given the incredible responsibility of helping raise and mold the characters of the children of hard working parents.

Not only is it a great compliment to work as a nanny, but nannies are some of the strongest, most courageous and intelligent women and men with the most incredible personal stories from every corner of the globe.

Nannies working in America come from all different cultures, experiences, levels of education and socioeconomic groups. Professional career nannies not only provide the practical needs of the children left in their care but they have long lasting influence on their self-esteem, love of learning, courage, confidence, perseverance and optimism.

And miraculously after 10 or more hours per day changing diapers, washing laundry, cooking, tidying the house, helping with homework and bathing someone else’s kids many nannies go home just to do the same chores and hard work of raising their own kids as well.

That’s why having a week dedicated to recognizing the essential work of nannies is so important. During this next week, National Nanny Recognition Week, I urge parents to take the time and effort to thank their in-home child care providers. Although giving gifts is always nice and appreciated, compliments and sincere thank yous are much more important to caregivers than material gifts.

What is the best compliment parents you have worked for have given you?

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