Nannies Must Support the Parent and Child Bond

Don’t Speak Badly About the Parents in Front of Their Kids

There are few things as horrible for a nanny to do than speak despairingly about their employers in front of their employers’ kids. Yet, so many nannies gossip about their employers right in front of the children. No child wants (or should) hear negative comments about their own parents, and certainly not from the caregivers the parents hire to care for their children. Instead, professional nannies encourage the parent and child bond.

Children notice when nannies disrespect the parents by lying to them or by not following the rules of the house. Ignoring parents’ wishes not only destroys employer/caregiver relationship, but it confuses kids and hurts their relationship with the nanny and the parents.

Instead, nannies should help encourage the parent and child bond by following the parents’ directions and wishes.

Caregivers with a strong knowledge of child development recognize how important it is for children to feel loved by their parents, have a sense of belonging, and trust in their environments. To encourage this love, trust, and bond nannies should intentionally speak positively about the kids’ parents when in the children’s presence.

Nannies should also know when to step-back gracefully when the parents arrive home allowing parents plenty of opportunities for to spend quality time with their children.

In-home child care providers should ensure the parents that they aren’t trying to replace them. Nannies should never let the kids call them “Mom” or “Dad” and should correct others if they address them as “Mom” or “Dad.”

Nannies should ask the parents if they can look at and share family photos with the kids and share stories about the kids and parents. In-home child care providers should keep a daily log so the parents know the milestones and difficulties their kids experience each day.

Finally, before gossiping about their bosses in front of the kids, nannies should consider how they would feel if they were a parent and their caregiver spoke negatively about them in the presence of their kids.

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