Juice in the Box

Product Review Sunday

It’s almost the end of summer and nannies and au pairs will be packing lunch boxes by September. Most kids love juice boxes, but they are wasteful for the environment and often filled with unhealthy drinks. Instead, we recommend trying Juice in the Box a reusable juice box to encourage healthier kids and a healthier planet.

Juice in the Box is a reusable drink box made with near indestructible Tritan. It’s safe, completely chemical free, easy to clean and comes in five great colors.aaa

In the US, over one-third of children are overweight or obese. Sugar sweetened drinks including those found in Tetra Pack juice boxes, has been a major contributor. Recent studies have found that replacing sugared drinks with water or sugar free drinks has a positive on slowing weight gain among children.

Juice in the Box gives parents and caregivers the ability to control what kids are drinking. Getting them to think healthy and offering them better choices is key for them now and it helps them develop strong habits for the rest of their lives.

We’ve become a throwaway society, creating more as we purchase more and more packaged goods. Traditional Tetra Pack juice boxes are thrown away by the millions, and it takes at least 300 years for a single box to decompose. Reusing helps the environment by using less waste. Going green doesn’t need to cost more green. Over the course of a year, the average family can save hundreds of dollars by using Juice in the Box.

Juice in the Box is 100% spill proof. The square shape fits into lunch boxes, its BPA and Phthalate free, and dishwasher safe.

Each Juice in the Box costs merely $12 and they have straw and parts replacement kids.

Stop by next Sunday for another product review.

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