How to Use Ziplocs When Traveling with Kids

What are Your Favorite Ways to Use Zipper Storage Bags?

I love using Ziploc bags when traveling with kids. I use a variety of sizes of zipper storage bags to fit all the children’s traveling needs. I put an entire outfit for an infant or toddler in Ziploc Gallon Size Bags, while I use small Ziploc Snack Bags for carrying small jewelry, and I use Ziploc Big Bags with a Double Zipper for carrying wetsuits and wet towels. Here are just a few ways I use Ziploc bags when traveling with kids. What are your favorite ways to use zipper storage bags?

Protect From Spills:
Put all liquids and toiletries in your suitcase and carry-on bags in plastic ZipLoc bags to protect other items from any spills. Plastic storage bags are clear making it easier for security at airports to see what you are carrying. Put toothbrushes in zipper storage bags to protect them from getting dirty and keep other items dry after brushing teeth.

Protect Important Documents:
Put all passports and travel documents inside a quart or gallon-sized zipper bag to make it easy to grab everything you need quickly and to protect them from getting wet.

I love using gallon-sized Ziplocs to carry snacks for the kids. A gallon-sized storage bag easily fits juice boxes, snacks, and napkins. They have a label on the bag to write each child’s name on so kids won’t confuse which snack is for each child.

Markers and Crayons:
Throw crayons and markers in zipper storage bags for easy access and to protect other belonging in case the crayons melt or you use a cap on a marker.

Garbage Bags:
I use Ziplocs as garbage bags to separate snack wrappers and used wet wipes from uneaten snacks and other items. I like using zipper storage bags to store soiled diapers until a proper garbage is available to dispose of the dirty diapers.

Wet Clothing:
Gallon-sized Ziplocs are great for separating dirty, smelly, or wet clothing such as soiled clothes from a child still in diapers. Put wet and sandy beach wear in the plastic bags to prevent them from soiling the rest of your luggage.

Waterproof Bubble Wrap:
Here’s a great tip from The web site recommends carrying expensive electronics, such as i-pads or cameras, in a Ziploc by inserting a straw into the top of a nearly closed zipper storage bag and inflate it. Remove the straw and seal the rest of the way to make a cushion. Of course storing electronics in a plastic storage bag also keeps the items dry.

Separate Shoes:
Store extra shoes in your suitcase in Ziplocs to keep them from soiling other items in your luggage.

Protect Delicate Clothing:
Putting delicate clothing like silk or nylons in Ziplocs to help prevent snags.

Keeping Treasures:
Ziplocs are great for storing treasures such as shells or rocks found on the trip that the kids want to take home as souvenirs.

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