Summer Igloos

Wednesdays with Whitney

The best part about summer by far is the warm weather, allowing us to spend oodles of time outside with the kiddos. However, the worst part about summer is also the warm weather! In some places, the temperatures can reach up to the 100’s on a daily basis. Definitely NOT the type of weather you want to be in with the kids. Break up the summer heat with this fun “winter” activity!


  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Glue, Frosting, or Peanut Butter


1. Start by having the kids spread a thin layer of glue on a piece of paper.

2. Now let them start stacking the marshmallows to create an igloo. Begin with one layer curved like a “U” then build on top of that.

3. Once the igloo is tall enough, start angling the layers towards the middle – you’ll need extra glue for this.

4. Don’t forget the door!

5. If you want to really make this a summer treat, create an edible igloo by using frosting or peanut butter instead of glue!

Reference: The project and photos by Whitney Tang. Don’t forget to stop by next Wednesday for another fun project by Whitney and to check out her new venture Nanny Magazine at Take her survey for nannies at

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