Activities to do After Reading “Harold and the Purple Crayon”

Weekly Trip to the Library

Harold and the Purple Crayon is a timeless classic that has delighted readers of all ages for over 50-years. In the book, Harold goes on a moonlight walk and draws himself a landscape of wonder and excitement with an over sized purple crayon.

Like Harold in the book, all children begin to express themselves by using lines. All children need to be provided with many experiences and opportunities to use lines to express their feelings and help them define their world.

After reading Harold and the Purple Crayon try the following activities:

Draw Lines with a Purple Crayon
Read Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson and then have the child draw lines on a piece of paper with a purple crayon.

Line Dropping
Using strips of construction paper have the child drop “lines” onto white paper. First paint glue onto white paper and put on the floor. Allow children to stand above the paper and drop the “lines” from different standing positions.

Tape and Color
Let children place clear sections of scotch tape (lines) in random places on their paper. Younger children may need help with this step and place the tape for them. Have the children apply watercolors over the paper and the tape, rinsing the brush between colors. Then repeat this process by using rubber cement that cam be rubbed away later.

Reference: Art for the Very Young by Kelly, Elizabeth and Joanne McConville

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