When Nannies Are Asked to Travel with the Family

Respecting Professional Boundaries for Nannies and Parents
Families are making their travel plans for the summer and asking their nannies to travel with them. Many nannies see traveling with their employers as an opportunity to see new destinations they might not be able to visit otherwise. But, while the family is on vacation nannies must always remember they are being paid to work. While the family may be relaxing nannies still need to be prompt, professional, and reliable.

Before traveling with their employers, nannies should discuss the schedule, accommodations, and pay rate. Typically, it is easiest to keep the hours and pay rate when traveling about the same as a normal work week. But, sometimes that is impossible. Therefore, it is helpful if nannies keep an open mind and be a little flexible with their hours while working while the family is vacationing.

When traveling with nannies parents should be as welcoming and appreciative as possible offering their employees plenty of time off to explore their vacation destinations and be willing to splurge on food, comforts, and souvenirs when possible. All expenses including food, board, and travel should be paid by the employer. Nannies should expect to pay for some personal expenses of course. But, the price of food, lodging, museums, attractions, admissions, and taxis are the parent’s responsibility.

Before Nannies Travel with Their Employers the Parents and Nannies Should Discuss:
1. Will the nanny be working more hours than usual?
2. Will the nanny have their own room or be expected to share a room with the children?
3. What will the nanny’s role be? Will the nanny be accompanying the family as an extra set of hands, or will the caregiver be solely responsible for the children during the day while the parents are out?
4. What are the spending guidelines?
5. What is the pay rate? Will nannies earn a bonus?
Do you have any advice to share with nannies about traveling with their employers’ family?


  1. You may want to add a section to your written Work Agreement which defines the terms of compensation for travel with the family.

    1. Travel with the family shall be deemed as a ‘live-in’ position in which the family is responsible for the payment of the nanny’s travel and living expenses, including room and board and reasonable incidentals.

    2. Travel with the family shall be compensated at the rate of $________ per day. Nanny understands that she may be called upon to work up to _________ hours per day while traveling with the family and shall be provided with at least 8 consecutive ‘off-duty’ hours per day to sleep.

    3. Job duties shall include _______________________________________ …

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