How to Make a Flower Pot for Mother’s Day

Have the Kids Paint a Flower Pot

Even though Mother’s Day is on Sunday, there’s still time to make an inexpensive gift with the kids for your Mom Boss for Mother’s Day. Simply let the kids decorate a terra-cotta flower pot for their mother. Unlike most painting projects with little kids you will need to use acrylic paints, rather than washable paints, because you don’t want the painted decoration to be removed when watering the plant.

  You Will Need:

1. Terra-cotta pot
2. Pencil and stencils (for older kids)
3. Acrylic paints
4. Paintbrushes or sponge brushes
5. Smock
6. Newspaper or a plastic table cloth to protect the work surface


1. Cover the work surface and have the kids roll up their sleeves and wear a smock.

2. Allow older children to use a pencil to draw a picture or use stencils to create words on the flower pot.  There is no need to draw a picture on the pot for toddlers to follow.

3. Simply allow the paint to dry before handling. Find a flower or herb to plant in the pot or just wrap the empty pot in some tissue paper with some ribbon before the kids give it to their mother.

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