Make it About Them, Not About You

Respecting Professional Boundaries for Nannies: Don’t Drag Your Personal Problems to Work with You

Sometimes it’s hard, but nannies should try not to drag their personal problems to work. Children pick up on everything nannies say and do. Parents don’t want to hear their children repeat nasty gossip they overheard from their nannies. Plus, nothing worries parents more than leaving their kids with depressed, unhappy, self-absorbed, or stressed-out caregivers. Parents want their nannies to radiate a cheery countenance and nurture their kids, not radiate negativity, gossip, or create drama in their homes.

But, like everyone, nannies have emergencies and tragedies in their lives. For example, it’s not reasonable for parents to expect their nannies to come to work the days after a spouse or parent passes-away. Nannies deserve, and need, to have paid time-off for grieving the loss of a family member. Employees simply cannot be expected to perform at their jobs the best during a personal crisis.

But, during normal day-to-day stress nannies should leave the drama at home and devote themselves to caring for the kids. Surprisingly, going to work can help nannies deal with stress by focusing on caring for the kids instead of only focusing on their troubles.

In-home childcare providers should remember to put their employer’s wishes first. Being a nanny is about providing the care the parents’ want. Caregivers must listen to what the parents want, and try their best to make the parents’ wishes a reality.

Nannies respect professional boundaries by devoting working hours to nurturing the kids in their care, and leaving their gossip and their troubles at home.

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