Are the Organic Foods You Buy Actually Good for You?

Weekly Trip to the Library: Foodopoly by Wenonah Hauter

Do you or the parents you work for try to buy only organic food? Do you only shop at the organic market for food? Do you support the local farmer? Do you ever think the fruit, vegetables, and the chicken you eat tastes different than it used to? Do you dutifully drag your charges to the organic supermarket only to hear from your employer: “Why is this food so expensive?”

To answer the questions and concerns above, Wenonah Hauter carefully explains the economic history and the high power lobbying that effects the quality and the cost of what you eat. She explains the consolidation and integration of growers, wholesalers, and suppliers.

Reading “Foodopoly” helps explain the the marketing strategies that appeal to the anxieties of parents those concerned about the dangers in a food-to-health link.

The author explains that only 20% of the produce at organic food superstores are organic, that most products are from just a few supporters, and the food is designed for quick growth and long distance shipping. She suggests that organic producers have been bought by giant companies and there’s little way to know if the products are actually good for you anymore.

This provocative book can change your mind, your shopping, and your eating habits.

Buy Foodopoly by clicking the link below.

 Foodopoly: The Battle Over the Future of Food and Farming in America

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