Who Pays When Nannies Get in a Car Accident?

Should Nannies Pay When They Get in an Accident with Their Employer’s Car?

(posted on 3/28/2013)

If you work as a nanny and you drive your employer’s car regularly the parents must add your name to their car insurance. If you are listed on your employer’s car insurance you and your employer will be protected if you get in an accident with their car.

If the accident is not your fault, and your name is listed as an insured driver, the insurance will cover the expenses of any losses. If the accident is your fault and your name is covered by the car insurance policy you may simply be responsible for the deductible.

Some nannies feel that if they cause a car accident while working that the parents should pay the deductible simply because the accident happened during working hours.

But I argue if you get in a car accident that is your fault while working, and you step up and act responsibly by offering to cover the cost of the deductible, you will maintain a positive relationship with the parents. If you do not offer to pay the deducible, your employers might resent you.

If the parents don’t list you as a driver on their car insurance, as required by law, you will both be in a sticky situation and the you will be blamed for the entire cost of the accident.

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