Teaching Kids to Tell Time

Products to Help Teach Kids to Tell Time

Daylight Savings time begins today in the United States. So, there’s no better time to discuss how to teach kids about time.

Telling time is an essential skill but there’s no point in trying to teach kids to read an analog clock before children can count to 60. In addition, they should know the direction the rotating hands of the clock clockwise before teaching an analog clock.

Here is the best description on how to teach kids tell time I found online on wikiHow.

1. Make sure the child can count to 60. Trying to teach the minutes in an hour before the child can count that high will be discouraging for the child and unproductive for both of you.

2. Teach the 5 times tables. Understanding 5…10…15…20…etc. will make it much easier to conceptualize the minute hand on a clock.

3. Get a large clock with big hands. A clock with no glass or plastic cover and easily maneuverable hands will be the most approachable to work with.

4. Explain that the short hand is the hour hand. Keeping the minute hand at 12, move the hour hand to various positions on the clock. Explain that any time the minute hand is exactly over the 12, it is __ o’clock. Allow the child to move the hour hand around until (s)he is comfortable reading it.

5. Explain that the long hand is the minute hand. Keeping the hour hand stationary, move the minute hand around and explain what each position means to the child. Start by covering the 5-minute marks; once they understand those, progress to the “off” numbers like 12 and 37. Allow the child to move the minute hand around and practice reading it until (s)he is comfortable. Don’t worry about hours for the time being.

6. Demonstrate how to read the hour and minute hand together. Start with simple times (ex. 1:30, 4:45, 8:05) before moving on to more complicated ones (ex. 2:37, 12:59) – especially ones with overlapping hands (ex. 1:05).

7. Allow the child to quiz you. This will give him/her confidence and a sense of control while simultaneously getting in another form of practice.

8. Quiz the child. Always be sure to do this after he or she has mastered the concepts as an encouragement technique.

Products to Teach Time:

Telling Time: How to Tell Time on Digital and Analog Clocks! by Jules Older

Time isn’t an easy concept for kids to grasp, but young readers will delight in learning all about it with the fun and lively lessons in Telling Time. Exploring what time is and discovering why we need to tell time, young readers certainly learn more than ‘the big hand is on the one and the little hand is on the two’. With the help of a whole lot of clocks, a dash of humor, and a few familiar circumstances, learning to tell time is a lot of fun. It’s about time. With Megan Halsey’s fresh, fun, and playful illustrations, telling time is a breeze. Imaginative digital and analog clocks adorn page after page with cuckoos, in the shape of boats, with alarm bells, and more.

Big Hand, Little Hand: Learn to Tell Time Children’s Book

Who knew learning to tell time was such fun? Kids enjoy moving the hands on this sturdy clock as they follow life on the farm, hour by hour. Wake at 6:15 with Farmer Fred–have lunch with the raccoon at noon–enjoy cake and tea with the pigs at three! Before you know it, Farmer Fred is back in bed–and your child is well on his way to telling time. The book is made of durable cardboard, with terrific illustrations and giggle-inspiring rhymes. For ages 4 and up.

Rock ‘N Learn:Telling Time DVD

Timothy Time – the clock that rocks – and musical friends Kuku and Digi will have kids reading watches and clocks in no time. This high-energy 46-minute long DVD or VHS teaches children how to tell time using traditional analog clocks with hands as well as digital ones. Cool music, catchy rhymes, and colorful animated action keep kids focused on learning how to tell time.

Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock & Nightlight

It’s an alarm clock, teaching clock, and nightlight in one—and it also keeps early birds in bed! You can program it to change color from yellow to green when it’s okay to get up. Parents report it really works. Plus, its five-level quiz game teaches kids analog and digital time. And it glows gently, so it doubles as a kids’ nightlight. For ages 3 and up.

KID’Sleep Classic Toddler Sleep Wake Training Alarm Clock

Keep kids in bed until it’s time to rise, with this “stay-in-bed” picture clock! No time-telling skills needed: if the sleeping bunny’s picture is lit, that means stay in bed and snooze awhile longer. Once the “awake” bunny illuminates, it’s okay to rise. With dual nighttime/naptime settings and an alarm for later. Doubles as a nightlight, with dimmer switch. AC adaptor included.

Bilingual Learning Clock

Fewer kids are learning analog time, and educators say they’re missing out! Reading an analog clock expose kids to math concepts that digital clocks don’t, like fractions, ‘clockwise,’ and counting-by-fives. Besides, this talking, teaching clock is fun! Move the clock hands, and hear the time. Then play the quiz game and test your time-telling skills. With bilingual English/Spanish modes, two songs, and a fun, light-up clock face. Batteries included. For ages 2 and up.

Fisher Price Fun 2 Learn Teaching Clocks

The Fisher Price Fun 2 Learn clock helps children tell time on both analog and digital clocks. This clock is best suited for young toddlers and it’s construction will handle their rough usage and play. The Fisher Price Fun 2 Learn Clock makes learning fun and easy with fun childlike voices that hold a child’s attention. The Fisher Price Fun 2 Learn clock teaches a child how to tell time on both the hour and half hour. 

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  1. Allow your child to master the concepts of time, and then give them a quiz as an encouragement technique. A great mobile app is Clock Time Quiz.Check it out at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BAOV83S

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