You, You Tube, and Your Electronic Devices

Monthly To-Do List: Are You Sharing Too Much About the Kids Online?

In the modern world you can record the activities of your charges anywhere and everywhere and post those images and videos of the kids almost anywhere and everywhere. E-gadgets can digitally transmit actions of you, your charges, and their family to Facebook, YouTube, to the Internet, to friends, to enemies, globally, and eternally.

Misdeeds need not occur for images and for recordings to cause problems for those pictured. Perceptions, even if mistaken, can latch onto an individuals and cause distress for years.

You must remember and train the children in your care that appropriate behavior and civil speech must always be practiced. If you, your charges, or the family you work for would be embarrassed by an action or statement if it would be televised, don’t publish it.

Before posting anything on social media ask yourself if what you want to post is embarrassing, should remain private, or is hurtful to someone else. Don’t post any image or information about someone else’s child without permission from the parents.

This month remove the following from photos, videos, and information from Social Media:

√ Remove the children’s names
√ Remove the children’s ages
√ Remove children’s and parents’ contact information such as their home address, phone number, or email address
√ Remove the name and address of the school the children attend
√ Remove children’s name in photo tags or captions on Facebook
√ Remove any information about when, where, and how long the kids and their family will be on vacation
√ Remove photos of the children if you don’t have parental permission to post them

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