Secret Valentines

Wednesdays with Whitney 

Valentines Day is only two weeks away and that means the little ones are going to be busy bees making special cards for every single person they know. You never realize just how many people that is until Valentines Day comes around! But making the perfect valentine every year is a difficult, and sometimes repetitive, task. Mix it up this year with Secret Valentines, providing the receiver with a more exciting way to interact with their card.


White crayon (or a crayon that’s the same color as the paper)


  1. Start by letting the little ones cut out a card or note of desired shape and size. Hearts are favorites this time of year 🙂
  2. Now simply let them draw their Valentine message in white crayon (or purple crayon if purple paper, pink crayon if pink paper, etc etc.). If they get frustrated because they can’t see what they’re writing, give them more light. If they’re still frustrated, suggest they draw their design in a darker color on another sheet of paper and then trace it onto the actual valentine in white crayon.
  3. Add a note to the card, either on a separate sheet inside or in small black lettering at the bottom of the card, directing the receiver to use water colored paints to reveal their special secret Valentines Day message!

Reference: Whitney shares this project courtesy of her mother who she used to do this project with as a child. Don’t forget to stop by next Wednesday for another fun project by Whitney and to check out her personal blog at

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