Showing Kids We are All the Same Inside

Great Egg Project to do with Kids on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

I love doing this simple and fun presentation on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Show the children eggs that have brown shells and other eggs have white shells.

Separating the eggs by the color of their shells boil some eggs and scramble others. Give each child a portion of scrambled eggs made from brown shells and a portion of the scrambled eggs from the eggs with white shells.

After removing the shells from the hard boiled eggs let each child taste one hard egg that had a brown shell and another that had a white shell.

Then ask the children if they can figure out which eggs had white shells and which had brown shells. Obviously, they wont’ be able to tell.

On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day try this simple presentation with the kids in your care showing them that like eggs, it doesn’t matter the color of a person’s shell, we are all similar on the inside.


  1. Super idea!

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