Fun and Educational Activities for Nannies and Au Pairs

Girl And Mother CookingIt’s Easy to Have Fun While Learning

Keeping children active and engaged is an important responsibility for nannies. However, it can sometimes be challenging to come up with new and exciting activities that children will enjoy. When planning activities, it is always important to keep in mind the ages of the children as well as their interests and abilities. Therefore, the following activities are described in order to help nannies plan for some fun ways to keep little hands busy while also encouraging a child’s educational development.

1. Outdoor Art When the weather is nice, it is always great to find some time for the children to play outside. In order to keep children from running everywhere, it is important to have a few ideas in mind. Young children can enjoy using a paintbrush and a cup of water to paint lovely designs on the sidewalk, and older children can use chalk to decorate driveways and outdoor porches.

2. Author Study Children of all ages enjoy reading books. Select a few books from a child’s favorite author, and explore how they use engaging dialogue and colorful art to tell their story. Then, the child can create a picture of their own depicting their favorite scene from the books.

3. Letter Lunch – Surprise the children in your care with pancakes or sandwiches made in the shape of letters. Not only will this help to bolster their letter knowledge, but it will also encourage them to eat their meals. Try only one letter a week, or a child’s entire name can be spelled to put a unique twist on mealtimes.

4. Cooking Experiences – During a cooking experience, children are exposed to important reading, math and science concepts. For pre-readers, choose simple recipes that can be supplemented with pictures. Older children will enjoy selecting their favorite recipes and can help to measure, mix and stir. Be sure to also discuss safety rules for the kitchen in order to ensure that cooking will be a safe experience.

5. Community Outings – If the children’s parents are comfortable with the children going on outings, then these can be used to enhance their educational experiences. Be sure to choose age-appropriate locations, such as libraries and zoos that also offer activities geared to the children’s interests. Even a visit to a local park can provide a chance to discuss native plants and animals.

6. Open-Ended Crafts – Some of the best activities are unplanned and allow for the children to express their own creativity. Try bringing along a bag of craft materials that the children can use to make their own projects. It is amazing to discover what children can do with a few scraps of ribbon, colored paper and glue.

When children are busy, then they are also more likely to stay out of trouble. For this reason, the best nannies always have a few ideas in mind for keeping children active and engaged. By including a mixture of both indoor and outdoor educational opportunities, a nanny can be certain that the children in their care will be happy and engaged in intellectually stimulating activities.

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  1. The weather doesn't have to be nice to take the kids outdoor for fun. You just need the right clothing and gear. Even on cold rainy days I let little kids wear rain boots and coats and umbrella to play in puddles. You can hours of fun in the snow. I try to take the kids outside every day whether the weather is nice or not.

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