Add Some Character to Your Pumpkins

Wednesdays With Whitney
Fall is all about pumpkins. Pumpkin patches, pumpkin pie, and especially pumpkin carving! However, carving can be a little difficult for the little ones we care for. Let them get more involved with these cute character pumpkins, inspired by Parenting Magazine’s 2012 Halloween Edition.
·         Pumpkins
·         Glue
·         Paint
·         Foam
·         Googly Eyes
·         Toilet Paper
·         Fairy Sticker

 Mummy: Create your mummy with toilet paper. Depending on the size of your pumpkin you may need to cut the paper in half lengthwise. Paint your pumpkin with glue and the start wrapping the toilet paper around it. Leave a small strip untouched in the front of the pumpkin to glue on some googly eyes.  
Frankenstein: Take a plain pumpkin and paint it green to get a good Frankenstein base.  While your paint is drying, create hair and head bolts out of foam to glue to your pumpkin. Add some googly eyes and a stitched up mouth to finish the look.

Spider Web: Start with a white pumpkin, whether it’s painted or not. Next use the indented vertical grooves on your pumpkin as a guide to paint vertical black spider web lines. Once the paint dries, make a painted black spiral that starts and the stem and ends at the bottom of your pumpkin. Add a foam spider to make it extra spooky.

Tinkerbell: Start by placing a well-defined fairy sticker in the middle of your pumpkin. Now paint over it with a bright green color, covering the entire pumpkin. While the pumpkin is still wet, sprinkle green glitter on it to add a sparkle of fairy dust to your creation. Now remove the sticker and let the pumpkin dry for a magical Halloween.


  1. I let the kids use sharpie markers to decorate pumpkins. I might let them paint them once, but I find it just way too messy painting pumpkins.I am so excited to make the mummy pumpkin in the article with the kids. Never ever thought of doing that. Thanks for link to the magazine too. I will be buying it too.

  2. So super cute!

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