Concussions: Do Your Charges Play Team Sports?

No Head Trauma is Good Head Trauma

The obesity rate in the United Sates is among the highest in the world. Even the first lady, Michelle Obama, created the Let’s Move campaign to help tackle the issue of childhood obesity.

The Let’s Move initiative states “Children need 60 minutes of play with moderate to vigorous activity every day to grow up to a healthy weight.”

Clearly, physical activity, including team sports, are essential to decreasing childhood obesity.
But, there are dangers for children when playing team sports. In the article Preventing Sports Concussions Among Children from The New York Times we learn that tackle football isn’t the only dangerous team sport for kids to play.

We recommend that caregivers check out the article by Robert C. Cantu, to see the rules he would like changed in team sports to help protect children from head trauma and other injuries.

The other dangerous sports he discusses include:

Ice Hockey
Field Hockey
Girls’ Lacrosse

Do the kids in your care play team sports?

Don’t forget to see the changes the author would like to see written into the rules of team sports across the country, click here.

Check out the author’s new book Concussions and Our Kids: America’s Leading Expert on How to Protect Young Athletes and Keep Sports Safe.


  1. Yes, this is so ironic. The older kids in the family play socccer and just yesterday the older son took a ball and bounced it of his little 2 yr old siblings head and I freaked out. This is so timely. I will read the linked article to kids.

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