Kids Love Easy-to-Make Ebelskivers

photo from Nordic Ware

Product Review Sunday

The family I work for has an ebelskiver pan and mix and I tried it out with tremendous success. So, this Product Review Sunday, I highly recommend a cast-iron ebelskiver pan, ebelskiver mix, and a fun cookbook with recipes for some delicious ebelskivers.

A tradition in Danish homes, aebleskivers or ebelskivers are a type of pancake cooked in a special stove-top pan made with half-round molds. The center is soft and fluffy and the outside is crispy and slightly browned. In Europe, ebleskivers are traditionally plated in threes, dusted with powdered sugar or filled with berry jams and served with hot coffee. They are a standard for afternoon coffee breaks or late night snacks.

But, I have found it simple to use for breakfast and snacks here in America for the kids in my care. The kids I care for love blueberries in the round pancakes for breakfast and hazelnt spread for dessert.

1. Ebelskivers: Danish-Style Filled Pancakes And Other Sweet And Savory Treatsby Kevin Crafts

Ebelskivers cookbook offers 40 mouthwatering recipes for the Danish-style pancakes, ranging from traditional to whimsical and everything in between. This book includes everything you need to know to make and fill these treats, plus step-by-step photographs and recipes for sauces, toppings, and glazes.

2. Nordic Ware Danish Ebelskiver Pan

The shape defines ebelskiver, not the ingredients, and only an ebelskiver pan delivers. Safe on gas or electric stovetops, this one is made from heavy cast aluminum so it won’t warp. And it’s nonstick, to make flipping the pancakes easy and cleanup a snap. I love that the wood handles stays cool to the touch making it easier to make ebleskivers.

3. Stonewall Kitchen Ebelskiver Mix

This ebelskiver mix makes it simple to create the perfect round pancake with a soft and fluffy center and a crispy and slightly browned outside. Experiment with different fillings and toppings – jam or berries for breakfast or cheese and herbs for a uniquely delicious appetizer or snack.

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