Fall Trees

Wednesdays with Whitney

You know it’s fall when the leaves start changing colors. Why not celebrate this bright occasion with a simple entertaining craft for the little ones. Make these fall trees with the children you nanny and watch their creativity flow.

• Thick construction paper
• Markers or crayons
• Scissors
• Tape
• Leaf cookie cutter (optional)

1. Start by drawing a large trunk on your construction paper. Depending on the children’s ages, you can let them do this part.
2. Next, draw, color, and cut out large leaves to put on your tree. I find it easiest to trace a leaf cookie cutter, then let the little ones color the leaves before I cut them out.
3. Now you can put tape on the back of your leaves and let the children create their tree. Watch as thin trees, thick trees, and even leafless trees that have already lost their leaves to the ground develop.
4. Encourage the children to put on extras. Ask them, “What else would you find in a tree?” and help them create whatever busy tree life they can imagine. The older the children, the busier the tree!
5. Don’t forget to use this craft as a chance to educate the little ones on why leaves change color and fall off trees.

This link from Science Made Simple provides a clear and easy explanation. Don’t forget to check out Whitney’s personal blog at http://thenaptimenook.com/

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