Have You Ever Hung Up Flyers to Find Babysitting or Nanny Jobs?

I have seen more and more babysitting and nanny jobs advertised on homemade flyers posted on a bulletin board at the children’s library in the town I work in.

I personally like that nanny agency staff ask parents and nannies essential questions to help determine if the nanny and family might be a good fit. There is no pre-screening done when finding a family from a flyer hanging in the library. But, in desperate times unemployed nannies need to work.

I’ve been warned so many times to be careful when interviewing for nanny jobs. Obviously you may not know the person that calls you at the phone number found on the job posting. So, before meeting the parents I suggest asking other parents in town if they know the family calling you from the number found on the flyer before meeting them. See what your friends have to say about the family. Always have the first meeting in a public place like a local coffee shop or the local library.

Have you ever hung up a flyer or handed out business cards advertising that you are looking for a nanny or babysitting job?


  1. Very unsafe I think. Just ask friends in town by word of mouth is a little safer.

  2. It depends on the community you live in. I know a lot of immigrants that do this. But I have one immigrant friend where the man during interview tried to touch her inappropriately and she felt she couldn't report it to the police. She was afraid of being deported. If you post a flier I would post it at a church group or YMCA only, never at a grocery story or public library where all wierdos go.

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