Book Reviews By Kids, For Kids

Stellaluna by Janell Cannon

Review by Katie, 9-Years-Old

This book is about a little baby bat named Stellaluna who has to grow up with birds. She is growing up with birds because when she was a really tiny baby she and her mother were going for some food. An owl spied them, then the owl scared the mother and Stellaluna flew in the air and Stellaluna fell into a nest with a family of birds.

I liked when Stellaluna and the three birds were hanging by their feet on the edge of the nest. I like this part because the birds hair is sticking up when they got back into the nest and it is funny. My favorite part was when Stellaluna found her mom because now she knows who she is, she eats mangoes, not grasshoppers! I dislike Mama Bird because she is mean.

My favorite character was Stellaluna. She was really funny when she tried to land on her feet. I liked that she tried to be the best bird, but she was a bat.

I really liked this book because it makes kids imagine about nature. I recommend this book for kids that like animals. I think first to third graders should read this book.

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