Pacifier That Closes When Dropped

Keep-it-Kleen Pacifier By Raz Baby

Don’t you hate it when the baby’s pacifier drops on the floor and dog hair gets on it and you have to rush to the sink to wash it off? Well, no more running to wash off the pacifier every time it slips out of the baby’s mouth.

There is a pacifier that closes when drops. Covering the nipple of the Keep-it-Kleen pacifier is a translucent plastic shield. The shield stays open during use, but if the pacifier falls the shield snap shut before hitting the floor, forming a protective barrier around the nipple. The shield has a small round vent as well, to allow for drainage of moisture from the nipple if necessary.

The shield does not hurt the baby since it lies flush to baby’s cheeks while the pacifier is in her mouth, closing gently as the pacifier is withdrawn. All Keep-it-Kleen pacifiers made since 2009 are BPA free.

The Keep-it-Kleen pacifier is available in sizes 0-6 months with a vented orthodontic silicone nipple. It adapts perfectly and easily to baby’s natural sucking action and won’t damage baby’s developing mouth. Plus, they come in adorable animal characters.


  1. I prefer not using pacifiers after a few months. Has anyone else tried this pacifier? Does it work? I hate how they fall on the floor and get dirty all the time.I don't think we have to give babies pacifiers. The can lead to nipple confusion and mouth development problems as kids get older. I'm not a fan.

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