Book Review by Kids, for Kids

aaaA-Z Mysteries: The Invisible Island by Ron Roy

Review by Mary, 8-years-old

The Invisible Island is just one story in the exciting A to Z mystery series. There are 26 books in the series, one for each letter of the alphabet.

The main characters in the book are Josh, Dink, and Ruth Rose. They go to a picnic on Squaw Island. They find a hundred dollar bill in the sand. Josh wants to keep the money but Ruth Rose tells him that they should take the money to the police department. When they got there the officer told them if nobody came to claim that money in 30 days that money could be theirs. But, when the kids came back the next day the entire island has mysteriously disappeared and the bill was fake.

In the beginning of this book, they are on the lookout for the counterfeiters that put Happy Heart dog food on Squaw Island. Do you want to know what’s really in the boxes? You’ll have to read the book to find out who the counterfeiters are and what’s in the Happy Heart dog food boxes. Can you help them solve the mystery?

I loved reading The Invisible Island because I wanted to know how all the clues would go together to explain the mysterious things happening on the island. I did not want to stop reading.

My favorite part of the book is when Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose find fake money on Squaw Island. This is my favorite part because it made me want to read more and find out who left the footprints and whose money it was.

I recommend this book to all kids from third to fifth grade. As I read this book I realized that I kept thinking the counterfeiter was one person. But by the end, I thought it was a different person. This ending is unexpected! So go read the book!

Purchase your own copy by clicking a link below:

The Invisible Island (A to Z Mysteries)

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