Outdoor Alphabet Games for Nannies and Au Pairs

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What Are Your Favorite Ways to Teach Kids the Alphabet?

Nannies and au pairs play an important role in teaching children. Here aer some ways to help children learn the letters of the alphabet while getting outside to enjoy the nice weather. They will be having so much fun they won’t realize they are learning.

Alphabet Bean Bag Toss:
Using sidewalk chalk on the driveway or black top, or by spreading a solid-colored vinyl tablecloth or an old shower curtain liner on the ground and a permanent marker, write all the letters of the alphabet evenly spaced and large enough to be seen from a few feet away. Invite the children to toss a bean bag onto the alphabet game board, saying the letter the bag lands on and then a word that starts with that letter. 

Alphabet Hunt:
Tape or staple cardboard letters onto craft sticks. Put the sticks in the ground so the children can follow the path of following the letters in alphabetic order from letter “A” to letter “B” until they reach the letter “Z.” Have a special snack waiting for them at the end of their alphabet hunt.

On a Hike or Nature Walk:
As you hike a trail with your kids and their friends, have them call out the letters of the alphabet one by one. If they see an apple, that person will say, “Apple” out loud, and the group moves on to the letter “B.” If someone sees a bug, the game moves on to the letter “C.” If someone sees a canary, you all move on to the letter “D.” This is a team game full of team spirit, so cheer each other on.

Alphabet Moves:
Take each letter of the alphabet and do some type of outdoor movement that relates to that letter.
For example, for the letter “A” have the kids walk like animals such as jump like a kangaroo, walk like a crab, and so on.

Here are some other Outdoor Alphabet Moves:

B: Bounce balls.
C: Climb or clap your hands while singing the alphabet.
D: Dance to music in the sunshine.
E: Elephant walk.
F: Pretend to fly and flutter like a butterfly.
G: Gallop like a horse.
H: Play hopscotch and use hula hoops.
I: Play “Pass the ice cube.”
J: Jump rope.
K: Fly a kite.
L: Play leap frog.
M: March with maracas.
N: Take a nature walk.
O: Set up an obstacle course.
P: Play in the puddles.

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