What To Do for Dad Boss for Father’s Day

Do You Give Your Dad Boss a Card or Gift for Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is this Sunday. Nannies and au pairs should not be expected to spend a fortune on gifts for their Dad Bosses. But, if you are an in-home childcare provider it is common to help the children make a card or a small gift for their father for Father’s Day. Some popular ideas include:

“I Love You This Much” card:
Trace the child’s hand onto a piece of construction paper or poster board. Cut out the shape of two hands. Cut out a long rectangle of paper and fold it accordian style. On the outside of the right hand write ‘I Love You’, and centered on the long strip of rectangle which will be the inside of the card write ‘This Much!’ Tape one side of each strip of paper to both hands. When the card opens it appears as though two arms are waiting to give the reader a hug, or are showing a measure of distance.

A personalized mug: Buy a kit at the craft store and have the children paint or color the mug for their father.

Picture frame: Either buy an inexpensive frame for the children to decorate or they can make their own gluing together Popsicle sticks or craft sticks. Place a photo of the child(ren) in the frame as a keepsake.

A personalized t-shirt, cap, or tie: Using fabric paints children can personalize clothing for their father.

Hand print stepping stone:
Kits for hand print stepping stones are available at craft stores.

A book written for fathers: The book can be a children’s book about a father’s love for his children that your Dad Boss can read to his children or a book written for father’s in family section of a book store.

Tennis balls or golf balls: What sport does the father play? Purchase equipment for the sport.

Sports team t-shirts or caps: Find the father’s favorite sports team clothing at a local sports store.

What are you doing for your Dad Boss for Father’s Day?


  1. My charges and I did this for Papa Monster. Cost under $5 to have a photo shop print up an 8×10" glossy and the Little Monsters are thrilled that Dad is finally going to have photos of them in his office.

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