Filling Out a Nanny Agency Job Application

What to Expect When Applying with a Nanny Agency

A job application for a nanny agency is not too different from that of any employer. With a few exceptions, relevant childcare experience is requested, personal questions are asked, and a written essay explaining why the caregiver want to be a nanny is usually required.

Since some nannies live with the family the questions on the application for employment are detailed and, at times, personal. The idea is not to discourage you from applying but rather to make informed choices when presenting you to a potential employer. Since some nannies live with their employers, making sure a complementary fit is achieved is very important for all parties involved. Certainly certain things such as criminal convictions, smoking, and heavy alcohol use is not conducive to a job placement.

Most nanny agencies have an essay section to their application. Essay questions help uncover the caregiver’s experiences that help shape the job seekers atttitudes and parenting style. Always remain upbeat and positive when filling in a job application.

Most Important Tips for Filling Out a Nanny Agency Job Application:

1. Don’t leave blanks
If the information isn’t relevant the job seeker should write “Not applicable.”

2. Don’t lie
Although it may seem easy to lie or exaggerate information on a job application, this can lead to a disqualification of your application or even loss of your job in the future. Because potential employers may take the time to verify the information on your application, exaggerating your previous job responsibilities, changing your length of employment, or fabricating educational details can be easily detected.

3. Keep it short

If the parents are interested, they can ask for more detail during an interview or follow-up contact.

4. Make a first draft to ensure perfect grammar
Write a first draft so you can edit your answers before filling out the application neatly. Use spell check and have a family member or trusted friend read your application for perfect grammar before handing it in the completed final draft of the application.

5. Copy or save a copy of the application
After spending so much time answering detailed questions on a nanny agency application be sure to save your answers so you can refer to them again for other application.

The application will vary from agency to agency but some of the general questions that you may be asked are:

-Location you are looking for employment.
-Name, address, and contact information.
-Education completed and name and location of schools attended.
-Do you have a special degree in childcare?
-Experiences (childcare, housekeeping, other relevant).
-Detailed previous work experiences including contact name and number.
-Are you CPR certified?
-Do you have any other special training or certifications?
-Personal references (usually at least three but no more than five people not related to you).
-Have you been convicted of a crime?
-Do you have a valid driver’s license? What is the number? How is your diving record?
-Are you allergic to animals? If so, what kinds? Would you work in a home with pets? If yes, which ones?
-Do you swim? How well?
-Do you smoke?
-How often do you drink alcohol?
-Are you taking medications that may affect your mental/physical functions?
-Are you willing to commit to a position for at least one year?
-Are you comfortable working for a family with a different background from yours?
-How many hours a week are you interested in working?
-What aged children do you feel most comfortable with?
-How many children are you comfortable caring for at one time?
-What is your personal approach to childcare?
–Describe the worst childcare situation you have been in. How did you handle it?
-What is your philosophy about discipline?
-What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?
-What kind of family would you prefer working for?
-What are your hobbies?
-Where do you see yourself in five years?

Reference:Chandra Bloodgood


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